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PTSD treatment with Neurofeedback

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PTSD treatment with Neurofeedback

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder happens when you suffer emotional trauma. Whether it be emotional abuse, an intense and traumatic accident or war, this emotional trauma changes you.

Panic, surprise and anger are now familiar emotions living with you as part of your daily life. These emotions obviously change the way you interact with the world, but more than that, the change is physiological and physically engrained in your brain.

Going through a traumatic experience activates the emotional centers of the brain. Once activated for prolonged periods of time they become inflamed and hyperactive, therefore staying in this hyper reactive state.

What this means is that you are living in the past. You are experiencing past emotions in the present moment. The problem is that these emotions and this state of hyper reactivity are not adaptable or appropriate in the present moment.

In essence, the solution to this problem is quite simple: detaching the body memory and physiological arousal from the historical memory so that you will not bring this emotional hyper reactivity to the here and now

How can this be done, you might ask? Neurofeedback is the answer! There are two parts in using Neurofeedback for the treatment of PTSD.

Let’s back up to try to understand what is happening in your brain.Your brain, the right brain in particular, regulates your awareness and response to the outside world and when you suffer from PTSD it tends to be inflamed, leading to hyper reactivity, hyper vigilance, anger and anxiety. So the first step in using Neurofeedback to treat PTSD is to teach your brain to be calmer, more stable and more relaxed.

Secondly, Neurofeedback is used to help the brain access and resolve the trauma. This is done through Alpha Theta training. Alpha Theta waves take the brain to a deep state between wakefulness and sleep and it holds it there, out of out thinking mind. This is a calm, safe and relaxed place where your deep fears and emotions surface internally so that they are seen, processed and can be rid of their emotional charge.

We know the toll PTSD has taken in your life, but we are here to help you. Come to Los Angeles Neurofeedback and regain control of your life!

Give us a call and ask for our 15 minutes free phone consultation so we can inform you about Neurofeedback treating PTSD. (310) 600-0159

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