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Depression & Neurofeedback

Depression & Neurofeedback

Depression can really take the joy out of living. Irritability, irregular sleep patterns, decreased energy, change in appetite, difficulty thinking and concentrating make it very difficult for depressed people take pleasure in daily activities. When depressed people look for way to treat their disorder medication usually seems like the best alternative, and for a while it can be. The problem with medication is that eventually your body begins to build tolerance to the medication and it stops working. Then for a while, you find yourself jumping from one medication to the next in the hope that you will get your life back.

Medication is trying to regulate brain functioning, so that it can work at optimal levels once again, unfortunately the change is not long lasting. What if there was a way to regulate brain physiology without building tolerance? What if you could restore your brain’s functioning to its healthiest capacity? And what if this change lasted and your body never built tolerance? What if I say all of this is possible?

It really is! Neurofeedback is the answer. The “depressed brain” does not present healthy brain wave patterns. It gets “stuck” in unproductive and irregular patterns that keep repeating itself. Neurofeedback is in essence a work out for the brain. It seeks to change and strengthen healthy brain wave patterns by presenting it with stimuli that challenge its disregulated patterns. Research has shown that hyperactivity of the right prefrontal cortex is related to negative mood and avoidance behavior. Neurofeedback addresses this imbalance head on, giving you the tools you need to surmount it for good!

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