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Addiction and Substance Abuse – Treating with Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback for Addiction and Substance Abuse treatment

Many paths are are taken on the road to recovery. Parting from the individual, many times it come after hitting rock bottom. This is not an easy journey, but one worth taking. The beginning is usually the hardest. Withdrawals, restructuring your social circles and forming a new support system are all important, but challenging, parts of the process.

One of the reasons is that your brain does not function the way it once did. Long term alcohol and drug abuse have led to permanent changes in the brain, this in turn has led drastic consequences. Those changes lead to compulsion to use drugs, increase in impulsive and inappropriate behavior, increased tolerance, dependence and impaired social and occupational functioning.

Now that you have decided to take control of you life, how can you fight effectively against all these changes and make your journey the best possible? How can you help your brain return to productive functioning?

Neurofeedback is here to help! Because your brain has undergone all these changes due to the heavy consumption of drugs and alcohol, it no longer functions effectively. Its’ wave patterns have been rewired in a way to deal and cope with the abuse these substances have caused. But now you this pattern seems to be unproductive. Neurofeedback uses 3 or 4 electrodes placed very gently on your scalp to measure brain wave patterns. These patterns are in turn “fed” back to your brain via a monitor while you are either watching a movie or playing a video game. Your brain now uses this information to rearrange its waves into more fluid electric patterns.

Neurofeedback is here to help you in your path to recovery. You journey will not be without bumps and challenges, but neurofeedback will help make your ride smoother.

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