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  • ADHD & Neurofeedback

    Parents always come to my office concerned about their child’s behaviors at school and at home. They are seeking help to assist their child who is having problems in sustaining attention in tasks or play activities, doesn't listen when spoken to directly, often has difficulty in following through on instructions and fails to finish work.

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  • Depression & Neurofeedback!

    Research has shown that hyperactivity of the right prefrontal cortex is related to negative mood and avoidance behavior. Neurofeedback addresses this imbalance head on, giving you the tools you need to surmount it for good!

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  • Peak Performance

    If you are looking to excel and achieve highly consistent performance, Los Angeles Neurofeedback can help you! Los Angeles Neurofeedback uses state-of-the art information technology to coach your brain! This technology allows you to listen to your brain and make necessary adjustments to achieve optimal brain wave patterns.

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  • Anger & Neurofeedback

    Being under a lot of stress is usually a precursor to anger outbursts. Stress leads to physiological arousal rooted in the brain. This mechanism is very closely related to the anger center in our brain.

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Parents always come to my office concerned about their child’s behaviors at school and at home. They are seeking help to assist their child who is having problems in sustaining attention in tasks or play activities.

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Irritability, irregular sleep patterns, decreased energy, change in appetite, difficulty thinking and concentrating make it very difficult for those with depression take pleasure in daily activities. The "depressed brain" does not present healthy brain wave patterns.
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Peak Performance

Neurofeedback will improve your ability to relax and free you from any emotional issues getting in the way of your performance. It will help you "get in the zone", keeping you grounded and present with your ability to perform at great new heights.
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OCD & Neurofeedback

The frontal lobes are responsible for our reasoning and thinking. People who suffer from OCD usually experience disturbances in this area of the brain. Neurofeedback can help by bringing electrical activity in those parts of the brain to a level of productive functioning.
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Anger Management

Anger is part of being human, but don't let it take control. Get on the driver's seat and take charge of your journey. Neurofeedback is very effective in countering emotional reactivity.

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PTSD & Neurofeedback

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder happens when you suffer emotional trauma. Neurofeedback is used to help the brain access and resolve the trauma. This is done through Alpha Theta training.

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Addiction & Neurofeedback

The beginning is usually the hardest. Withdrawals, restructuring your social circles and forming a new support system are all important, but challenging, parts of the recovery process. Neurofeedback can help!

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Welcome to LA Neurofeedback!

Welcome to LA Neurofeedback!

Neurofeedback came along when I was looking for a model that would help one of my clients with ADHD to be able to focus, be more social, decrease aggressiveness, and not get into trouble at school. It was very clear to me that something should be done for this kid who was desperately asking for help. Medication is the option nowadays for most children who suffer from this chemical imbalance of the brain. More and more children are now medicated to be able to focus at school and to deal with the emotional turmoil caused by this problem. Learn More...


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